luni, 8 octombrie 2012

i caught myself

Nu stiu. Nu vreau. Nu.
Am 20 de ani si am cazut ca o pustoaica proasta si credula de 13. Cuz, probably O. was right. Gee, why? Wasn t I bitter enough? You had to play with me for so long, not realising that I d find out everything in the end..
I don t hate you, I hate myself. Trust, love, affection, those are just words. No one showed me the true meaning of them. Everyone violated them like crappy rotten pieces, until my heart broke into ten thousand pieces of ice left on the bottom of the ocean. Why? Why, all of you? I am asking you, you and even you. With a kiss, with a smile, with a hug. Even with a sore touch. How did I allow myself to let you have your mark on me?
In my head, I am dying. I m still alive, blood's still rushing through the veins, but my emotions are dust.
Scrum, totul e scrum. Ma privesc in oglinda si vad un chip cu ochi goi. Ma culc, ma trezesc, vorbesc, zambesc, fumez, dar .. I lost myself.

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