duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

Love spot

Pierce yourself into my soul, bite deep inside the skin with your sharp, lovely fangs and keep me always yours . Undress me slowly, because you know how much I like being naked around you. Let me caress your   body lines with my nails and excite your feelings. I love your eyes in the morning light and the shadow of your lips on my cheeks. Kiss me hard, but tender, hold me close and tight at your warm chest. Lemme be the first who sees the sunrise in your smile and send me your dreams at night, to make them beautiful. I wanna inhale your spirit through your open sores and call you my soulmate every split of second. Be kind, be cute and adorable, be sentimental and gorgeous all the time and don t mind if I fall in love with you every at every breath. Rise me up and lemme be small, but dangerous. Know me like no one else and be sure that I ll never let you go without me.

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