duminică, 18 noiembrie 2012

bonfire feels

It s an old love, it s an old smell, it s an old colour.
It s a memory, a straw of hair, a perfume and a sense imprinted in your skin.
It s an old you, a nostalgic feeling you get now and then.
It s an old cigar you don t find pleasure in it anymore and makes you sick.
It s a sunny day that turned out to be bad or a kiss which started a claw fight.
It s a hatred transformed into the deepest love, it s the morning light upon your skin.
It s your eyes, your lovely smile, your velvet voice and those perfect body lines my nails love to linger on.
It s the taste my tip of the tongue gets.
It s in the thrill of your every kiss, it s in your heartbeat which echoes in my mind.

                                                It s in the way you make me wanna stay..

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